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Alpha Fitness was created by three athletes who recognized a very real need for a comprehensive approach to building customized gyms for different types of clientele. Passion for fitness is the driver for all that we do.

With their previous experience in the industry, brothers Alex and Hugo have significant first-hand understanding of the realities of building gyms. They were able to experience the shortcomings of the existing solutions offered by fitness equipment retailers. Hugo and Alex recognized there was an opportunity to provide a better service for creating build-to-order gyms.

The brothers joined forces with another fitness enthusiast, Benjamin, who comes from a background in finance. The three associates shared a vision of offering a more proactive approach to creating optimal, customized gyms, equipped with commercial-quality equipment at an accessible price. Their passion for fitness and personal growth was met with a recognized market need and business opportunity, which led to the creation of Alpha Fitness.

Meet The Team

Custom gyms for atheletes and teams


I’ve been a fitness buff and athlete my whole life. Years of hockey and working out ignited a passion for athleticism and competition. Being in the gym environment for over 15 years has helped develop my love for personal growth. Alex and Hugo came to me with an opportunity to turn that passion into a business. Alpha Fitness became the fuel for my competitive spirit as well as an opportunity to grow professionally. It is a value we all share, and it has come to be a driving force shaping Alpha Fitness’ business model. My background in finance and analytical thinking brings an important perspective to the team when it comes to building the future of the company.

Custom gyms for atheletes and teams


Playing sports and being fit is an integral part of who I am, taking some training courses for personal interest and working in the field. For almost a decade, I have been honing my skills in communications and marketing, gaining experience in the industry, and actively looking for the right opportunity to become an entrepreneur in the fitness industry. My work experience has been invaluable in understanding the details that contribute to superior service when building gyms. I work in partnerships with trainers; I contribute to the development and testing of our equipment; and oversee its production.

Custom gyms for atheletes and teams


I have always been a big sporting enthusiast, passionate about training and spent years playing competitive soccer and volleyball. I’ve played the Québec Games and Provincial Beach Volleyball, before joining the football team, les Carabins de l’Université de Montréal. Sports taught me discipline, perseverance, and work ethic which I apply every day to my work and my training as a bodybuilder. Alpha Fitness represents the culmination of my sporting career; I am driven to help our clients have the best training gym possible to help them meet their personal growth goals.


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